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The Lion In Us
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Dancehall Artist Black Ryno Brother Shot & Killed In Front Of Him (+ Details)

Black Ryno @RynoDiStinger
look weh dem do mi bredda, R.I.P mi family memories do live like people…#teardrops
26 Nov 12
The brother of former Portmore Empire deejay Romaine ‘Black Ryno’ Anderson was shot and killed metres away from him on the weekend, THE STAR understands.
Reports are that sometime after 3 a.m. on Sunday, Black Ryno and a group left a dance in the Maxfield Avenue area and were on their way home when they decided to stop and speak with friends along Waltham Park Road.
THE STAR was told that the deejay’s brother, Kurtis ‘Tatty’ Bucker, stood some metres away while the entertainer was talking to a group of friends.
Our news team gathered that two unknown assailants approached Bucker and brandished a firearm before opening fire hitting him several times before he fell to the ground.
Dwayne Cole, Ryno’s road manager, gave THE STAR this account.
He said, “When the shot dem fire, some people run and some just get flat – when dem come back on the scene, di deejay see him bredda a lay inna blood, so dem tek him up and on dem way to the hospital he died.”
Sources close to the entertainer have since disclosed that rumours have been circulating that Bucker was killed in a case of mistaken identity.
THE STAR was told that the Mi Lef deejay is still in shock and traumatized about the entire incident.
Cole expressed, “Di artiste is human yu know. Tatty was a part of Ryno’s street team, he’s still in shock since the incident, talking to himself. He needed time to meditate, so as you may have noticed him turn off his phones.”
The road manager continued, “Whenever I speak to him he constantly ask why me? Why my family?”
He further said that the deejay would be taking a break in an effort to recover from his loss.
Sources at the Hunts Bay police confirmed reports of the fatal shooting and advised our news team that an investigation is ongoing.

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