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The Lion In Us
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Dancehall Artist Black Ryno Brother Shot & Killed In Front Of Him (+ Details)

Black Ryno @RynoDiStinger
look weh dem do mi bredda, R.I.P mi family memories do live like people…#teardrops
26 Nov 12
The brother of former Portmore Empire deejay Romaine ‘Black Ryno’ Anderson was shot and killed metres away from him on the weekend, THE STAR understands.
Reports are that sometime after 3 a.m. on Sunday, Black Ryno and a group left a dance in the Maxfield Avenue area and were on their way home when they decided to stop and speak with friends along Waltham Park Road.
THE STAR was told that the deejay’s brother, Kurtis ‘Tatty’ Bucker, stood some metres away while the entertainer was talking to a group of friends.
Our news team gathered that two unknown assailants approached Bucker and brandished a firearm before opening fire hitting him several times before he fell to the ground.
Dwayne Cole, Ryno’s road manager, gave THE STAR this account.
He said, “When the shot dem fire, some people run and some just get flat – when dem come back on the scene, di deejay see him bredda a lay inna blood, so dem tek him up and on dem way to the hospital he died.”
Sources close to the entertainer have since disclosed that rumours have been circulating that Bucker was killed in a case of mistaken identity.
THE STAR was told that the Mi Lef deejay is still in shock and traumatized about the entire incident.
Cole expressed, “Di artiste is human yu know. Tatty was a part of Ryno’s street team, he’s still in shock since the incident, talking to himself. He needed time to meditate, so as you may have noticed him turn off his phones.”
The road manager continued, “Whenever I speak to him he constantly ask why me? Why my family?”
He further said that the deejay would be taking a break in an effort to recover from his loss.
Sources at the Hunts Bay police confirmed reports of the fatal shooting and advised our news team that an investigation is ongoing.

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Deciding The Fate of Entertainment & Loud Music In Jamaica. What's You'r Imput?

'Cyaa lock off di dance' - Ministers mull over noise abatement and keeping vibrant entertainment going

Published: Wednesday | November 28, 2012 Comments 0

Damion Crawford
Damion Crawford

Daraine Luton, Senior Staff ReporterARGUING THAT the creation of entertainment zones will not solve the problem of noise pollution caused by events such as parties and street dances, the junior minister in the entertainment ministry says the Government is not rushing to designate areas across the island for such purposes.
Damion Crawford yesterday told The Gleaner he was in the process of wrapping up consultations with stakeholders in the entertainment industry as well as the Church on a raft of proposals aimed at strengthening noise abatement while at the same time providing fodder for entertainment.
Minister Crawford said that even if entertainment zones were created, there would be no wholesale creation of entertainment zones anytime soon.
"The best we can do within the short term is to do test zones," the minister said.
He told The Gleaner discussions were still taking place at the ministry, board and ministerial levels about the establishment of zones.
"There are different views on it. Personally, I think, that zones cannot be the answer, but can only contribute to the answer," Crawford added.
"We are looking at a multiplicity of things and a more democratic method in which persons can have a say," the minister said.
According to Crawford, the creation of entertainment zones brings with it problems of transportation and economies of scale.
"Many of these events, they depend on the residents, and so the same problem we are trying to solve is the market for many. Removing the product from the market is, within market theory, counterproductive," Crawford said.
Crawford argues that most of the 5,700 events for which permits were granted by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation last year were not advertised on radio and TV.
"There are some communities that depend on these events and, therefore, having a zone which moves them from these communities is counterproductive to the multiplier effect that entertainment currently holds," the minister added.
Urged to make haste
The minister's comments come shortly after Government Senator Wensworth Skeffery urged the Government to make haste in the creation of entertainment zones, especially in major towns.
"We are in a plural society. People have their specific rights and people also have rights to peace and quiet. So we need to look at areas where, if you want to party all night and all day, go there and disturb only yourself and those within that domain. But those who want to have peace and quiet, you don't disturb them," Skeffery said.
He was contributing to a debate on the 84-year-old Spirit Licences (Amendment) Act, which proposes to extend the time from which spirits may be sold in establishments to midnight on Mondays to Saturdays, and 2 a.m. under special circumstances.
The Senate passed the bill, allowing it to be harmonised with the Noise Abatement Act which prescribes that events be shut down at 2 a.m.
Opposition Senator Dr Christopher Tufton, while supporting the bill, warned that it should not be seen as a licence for noise pollution. He said the State has a responsibility to balance the scale as it relates to the right to enjoyment of some persons and peace and quiet for others.
"While it is important and we should encourage and promote the right of individuals to enjoy themselves, at the same time we have to respect the rights of other individuals who may want to, in their homes or place of business, not be disturbed by the enjoyment of others," Tufton said.
Crawford, too, believes there is a need to strike a balance. He said the proposal which is to be sent to Cabinet will include proposals for a framework within communities that will be taken into account whenever an application is being reviewed about the shut-down time for an event.

Monday, November 5, 2012

REGGAE MUSIC & CULTURE BEING TAKEN TO ANOTHER LEVEL With: Ras Astor Black {CEO for: "Reggae Walk Of Fame & Music LTD"}

Astor Black
Trelawny Stadium, Falmouth, JAMAICA (Saturday, November 03, 2012) - Reggae revitalization, At risk youths skill training encouragement, respect for elders, the role of Reggae in Tourism, and the vibrancy of Jamaican culture merge during the weeks celebration of our Reggae Ambassadors Peter Tosh OM. The island of Jamaica will start Reggae humming as we continue to celebrate 50 of JAMAICA independence, featuring Reggae Walk of Fame inductees plus aspiring Reggae stars.

Saturday, November 17, starts one week of celebrating Peter Tosh OM, one of the Caribbean island's musical giants. Twenty-five years after his murder, Jamaica's government honored the contributions of this firebrand reggae musician and songwriter. Posthumously, he received the Order of Merit, the country's third highest honor during an annual national awards ceremony on the lawns of King's House, the residence of Jamaica's governor general.

In addition to the week’s celebrations featuring Son Andrew Tosh, performances by several inspirational and popular regional musicians will be enjoyed. Reggae in the Sun concert series starts at 10:00AM each day and will be presided over by Reggae Prime Minister, Ras Astor Black, who will share insights on the highly-anticipated ten principles of Rastafari.

The following days at the Trelawny Stadium, Reggae Walk of Fame and Museum Ltd. will produce "Operation Education" in partnership with The RAS ASTOR BLACK INTERACTIVE MUSIC & ARTS LEARNING INSTITUTE and R.I.M. BlackBerry, where post high school and college students will be educated in all areas of Arts “TUITION FREE”

The Reggae Walk of Fame “Reggae in the Sun” at the Trelawny Stadium and on the Port of Falmouth, is offering tremendous opportunities to promote & market our Jamaican Culture to a captive audience from around the world visiting Jamaica for the Reggae Music Experience Cruise Ship arrivals for November 2012
1. We have erected Reggae in the Sun Billboards on the North Coast Highway. One from the Montego Bay direction and one from the Ocho Rios end highlighting Reggae in the Sun Concerts Series with our official sponsor R.I.M. BlackBerry.
2. Reggae in the Sun R.I.M. BlackBerry App is in its final stage of development to highlight the day to day events live
3. We are close to receiving the Reggae Walk of Fame and Museum Ltd "Reggae in the Sun" Attraction license via TPDCo/JTB for the Trelawny Stadium as the newest visitor attraction and a venue to expose our at risk youths with interest in Arts Education
4. We will be exposing our vibrant Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Arts Talents
5. Live broadcast every day on Falmouth Community Radio 88.9FM and on
6. Video on demand produced my at risk youths will be marketed to networks for broadcast

FREEiRADIO 88.9FM and will highlight the importance of education, teamwork, punctuality and discipline. The interactive presentation will also be attended by members of the local public and private sectors. Specially invited artistes will perform and the event will be repeated every day with additional guest artistes.

On a daily basis at the Trelawny Stadium will salute Reggae Ambassadors, "key roots of Reggae communities but often forgotten by most event and entertainment planners". I, Ras Astor Black, Chairman and CEO of Reggae Walk of Fame & Museum Ltd., not only recognizes the importance of our Reggae Ambassadors, but pays tribute to their amazing work that has contributed to Jamaica as we know it.

Daily, Reggae Walk of Fame & Museum Ltd., will present "NEVER TOO OLD TO REGGAE" the very best in local, regional and international Reggae entertainment at the "Reggae in the Sun – RIM-BlackBerry Concert. Reggae in the Sun events will bring light to the power of Jamaica, attracting the very best of everything. "The importance of being proud of our culture and creating a top notch tourism experience that promotes our extraordinary virtues and our unique attributes will be underscored."

For more information, stay tuned to FREEiRADIO or visit Reggae in the Sun is available on our local Community Radio Station FREEiRADIO 88.9FM and and soon to be launch RIM-BlackBerry App world. Tune in regularly for the very best in Jamaican programming. "

For more information, please visit and soon to be launch on RIM-BlackBerry App world.
Contact Person: Ras Astor Black
Cell Number 1-876-435-8401
BBM: 299DAD76
Email Address
Web site address

One love

Ras Astor Black
Founder/Chairman of the Board
Reggae Walk of Fame and Museum Ltd.
Falmouth, Trelawny JAMAICA 876-435-8401
Calling from the USA 561-839-4495
BBM: 299DAD76 Skype: bobartstv YouTube: bobartstv